Dialogue with Mr. Dan Oiknine

Dan Oiknine
Dan Oiknine

Before you ask how to become a successful entrepreneur, you have to understand who is an entrepreneur first? A successful entrepreneur does not mean a person who owns one or two projects, but primarily means that a person possesses the qualities, behaviors and builds experiences that support his success in all his business.

So we decided to have a conversation with Mr. Dan Oiknine, a successful and well known entrepreneur in the field of corporate development,

Dan Oiknine : businessman in the Emirates

First of all, we are grateful for your acceptance to speak with us
Dan Oiknine : He laughs and then answers, not quite the opposite… you’re welcome all the time

First tell us about Mr. Dan

Dan Oiknine : I am of French origin, I graduated from the Paris University of Economics, with a bachelor’s degree in economics, I am a businessman now residing in Dubai

Why Dubai in particular ?

Dan Oiknine In fact, after working in many countries such as the United States of America, India, France, and the continent of Africa, I found that after these many successes I had to put my great experience with giant projects, and I found my support in the United Arab Emirates, we have done many projects as security areas In Dubai airports… Also, the UAE is now a tourist and information destination for everyone, as it provides everything, even in the most difficult circumstances, offering you all the possibilities for success.

Can you answer how to become a successful businessman like you, Mr. Dan?

Dan Oiknine Well, I’ll be honest with you
A successful businessman always wants to succeed and expand his business. He often clearly defines his goals and strives to achieve each of them, regardless of the obstacles and challenges he faces. He is focused and determined to achieve his goals and is confident in his ability to achieve them.
Having a strong drive for success is a hallmark of all entrepreneurs. Before you ask how to become a successful businessman? Ask why I want to be like that? Why will it lead you to your motives? And the more powerful your motives are. The more it will make you stubborn and persistent, and fully prepared to resist frustration and attempts to frustrate you.

Dan Oiknine

burning desire for success, and prepare you psychologically to face all problems and difficulties… Only then will no one be able to stop you.
Successful businessmen know that exaggerated fear will not lead to any achievement, but rather is the biggest obstacle to them. As a young man who aspires to become a businessman, you must be aware that at certain times you will face a lot of confusion and uncertainty. So in order to succeed, you have to be a smart and knowledgeable adventurer and not a gambler waiting for his stomach to hit. True luck and success align themselves with the spirit of adventure and courage.

Starting a project or any new business will require you to take decisions with a measure of adventure and courage in line with the expected results.. Adventure is an essential part of the mindset of an entrepreneur.

Dan Oiknine : Learn more to earn more

Your real value today is what you learn again, make learning a habit. By continuing to learn, you will be the best you can be as quickly as possible.

Just as an outstanding athlete perseveres in training to maintain his level, a smart entrepreneur does the same. There is something new that you must learn every day, and the successful entrepreneur realizes this and is keen to keep pace with development and continue to learn. If you think that you do not have the appropriate educational degree or that you are short on cash, many good education options are available online.

Dan Oiknine : Learn to get up early

How do I become a businessman and I do not wake up early? Entrepreneurs actually enjoy benefits and luxury that most people have not tasted, yet they pay a heavy price. A study conducted by German researchers monitored an increase in the ability to achieve among those who wake up early, and the study also concluded that “success in the world of finance and business belongs to those who wake up early, as they are characterized by a greater degree of activity, ability to achieve and a sense of responsibility.”

Richard Branson, one of the world’s most famous businessmen, says. “In my 50 years in business, I’ve learned that I can accomplish a lot when I wake up early.”

Dan Oiknine : Learn to be ready to fail

The upside is when your work goes as you planned and you are happy about it. The best way to manage the positives is to keep doing what you’re doing and always control the flow of things. Unfortunately, things don’t always go the way we want them to. This is what we call failure or negative results. Therefore, in order to manage the negative aspects, you must have a clear perception of failure from the beginning. So that if you feel that you are descending towards failure, you can change direction

Dan Oiknine is among the influential figures in the world of enterprise development in the years 2001 and 2020 and until now. Thanks to meticulous planning and long experience in this field.

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